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Bronx Mobile Shredding

For mobile shredding (also called on site shredding) services, Bronx Document Shredding has contractors who will bring a mobile shredding truck directly to your Bronx home or office. The trucks are fully self-contained and will run without any outside electricity. They can shred in an hour, what would take you days to shred with a normal office shredder.

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And if you’re required to witness your company documents being shredded, a mobile shredding service is for you.

These trucks are equipped with industrial shredders that can handle anything from one box, to a warehouse full of documents. If you need regularly scheduled services, you can have locked cabinets sent to your New York business at no charge. You simply gather your papers, place them in the secure bins, and a driver comes by on a standard schedule to shred your private business data. This will prevent it from falling into the wrong hands.

How Mobile Shredding Works

  • You collect everything you need destroyed in the provided cabinets (if you have set up scheduled service). There is no need to remove staples or paperclips.
  • A Bronx Document Shredding partner comes to your location to pick up your items.
  • Materials are destroyed and funneled into a sealed compartment of the truck. You can witness the entire process.
  • A Certificate of Destruction is supplied for every job completed.
  • The shredded papers are baled, pulped down, and recycled.

Get Free, No Hassle Quotes on Mobile Shredding Services in the Bronx and throughout NYC

If you have piles of paperwork stacking up that need to be shredded before being thrown away, call Bronx Shredding Service at (718) 313-0251. Our shredding experts will get you a free quote, and you can have a secure truck sent to your location to shred your documents right in front you.

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