Scanning Documents

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Companies use document scanning services to digitize papers into electronic documents. After it is in a electronic format, documents are much simpler to find. If a document is needed, it is accessible with a basic computer query. Access to every file can be modified to particular workers. This keeps each document on a secure, need-to-know basis. Access must be manged to prevent workers from selling the secret information of employees and customers. Any record has a usefulness and an EDM software package will instantly eliminate unneeded records.

The starting step is to work on a document management policy. Decide how long to retain each type of document then determine who requires access to them. This needs to be published to every employee. 

Now it is time to shred all of the unwanted records. Have everyone who uses official records shred documents that should be destroyed. Also, provide shredding cans around your organization for employees to discard their documents. Ask employees to organize their personal records with the official document management policy and destroy everything past its requirements. There is no need to scan documents that are not required.

The third step is to determine what documents are likely to be needed in the future. The economics of document scanning grow with the number of times the document is used and shared. If it is unlikely to be used going forward, then just storing the original document is the superior option. What remains is what you should scan.

Now it is time for the physical act of scanning. You can purchase scanners and assign the work to an employee. Or you can hire a scanning service. If you have a small amount, then assigning an employee will work. But as you grow, the volume of paper needing to be scanned can dwarf your equipment.

Bronx Document Shredding will make your digitizing project easy. They have high speed scanning machines and people who perform this work daily. They organize the documents and then shred them following the work.

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